Kelelawar berkembang biak dengan cara?

Kelelawar berkembang biak dengan cara?

  1. bertelur
  2. parthenogenesis
  3. bertelur melahirkan
  4. melahirkan
  5. Semua jawaban benar
Baca Juga :  Perangkat Daerah yang tugas dan kewajibannya membantu Kepala daerah dalam menyusun kebijaksanaan, mengkoordinasikan dinas dan lembaga daerah dan lembaga teknis daerah dan bertanggung jawab kepada kepala daerah adalah?

Jawaban: D. melahirkan.

Baca Juga :  From : Industrial Relations Office To : All Regular Staff Date : July 3rd, 2019 21.Sub : Introduction of hourly-rate employees. Effective July 10th, thirty new employees will begin working in our production plant on an hourly-rate basis. This is an experiment to determine whether hourly employment would give better results for all aspects of our enterprise. The new employees know that they are part of an experiment. Management encourages regular staff to discuss the program among themselves and with the new employees. After six months, we will assess the program to learn any lessons it may have for us. Meanwhile, we welcome staff comment. What can be said about the new employees?

Dilansir dari Ensiklopedia, kelelawar berkembang biak dengan cara melahirkan.

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